Beyond Presentation Layer Inclusivity
"To the extent we react against the unfamiliar mind, or to the extent we unconsciously expect the tentatively included ones to morph their being towards the way things have been done before, or towards any currently dominant culture, welcoming for example women who can adopt a male attitude, or an older person who Millennialises their old-school mind, or a solitary workflow hermit who can choose to adopt teamspeak, or <name your currently deliberately or unconsciously excluded minority> who can learn to be <more like us>, we are exclusive with a presentation layer garment of inclusivity, not inclusive in essence."

A Framework for Workplace Accelerated Change - chapter 7.

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Visionary Manifesto

To: The Decision Makers
Chapter 7 - v.3

Don't overlook Visionary Input.
It's value may not be apparent up front.

Persist with yourself until you CAN see that value.
Sit with the Visionary. Ask questions. Don’t refute. Clarify. Go deeper. Wait for the understandings to arise.

As the Vision becomes, to some extent, received, don't just extract that value and hand it through to management to disperse to the implementation team.

Reward the Visionary. Acknowledge the delivery fully. Invite her onto the team. Invite his invoicing. Invite a Vision Engineering Budget proposal.

When not valued, the visionary tends to walk away.

Visionary has lots of field to play in

Implementers will need that vision leadership through the life of the project.

Continuous hand shaking of Vision Engineering, Management, and Implementation.

Budget for that.

Visionaries don’t come cheap.

They always sit alongside the decision makers, not below, or above. This is not negotiable.

Delivery of Vision. The How. Part One.

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So we are going to build a website together. We expect it will cost about as much as a small apartment or a luxury car. 


A vision exists. A budget is in consideration. A reasonable time-frame has been allocated. A consultant is in discovery mode.


We sit at a table together. The vision owner knows the story he wishes to unfold. The consultant knows the art of asking for a story.


The consultant is relaxed and thus creative and potent. The reason for that relaxed state of mind is that his time is being valued at the hourly rate he is currently asking for. This is not a competitive bid process. It is a consultation. And the highest calling of a consultant is to always advise and act in such a way as to make himself potentially redundant in further stages of the work being discussed. Of course he also wishes to leave the door open for possible ongoing extensions to his brief.


The meeting starts on time.


The story is told.


The charts and diagrams and mindmaps are sketched and resketched.


An Action Research Project Component. Sample template only.

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What keeps you; what makes you move on?

As a Drupal developer you are well aware that your skills are in high demand and you have a lot of choice about who you work for and the conditions you accept in the workplace. What makes you remain in a particular work arrangement?

Perhaps you work for a small web development company, or perhaps for a corporate or perhaps for a government department or non-profit. Or perhaps you work for yourself. What are the determining factors for you remaining where you are or seeking better opportunities?

The unfamiliar mind

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The image is being proposed as a meme of contemplation for a community embracing inclusiveness. This is called Practical Mysticism
Each Drop is Unique

A friend once posted a picture of his workplace development team of perhaps 15 people and almost entirely the team was composed of males under 40. I was shocked. Shocked to see it and shocked to see the friend was posting it proudly without any hint of him seeing the message it was conveying to gender and age minorities. The message is “We know what works and you are not part of that."


I am sure many potential contributors fade away with some sort of feeling that inclusivity didn't include them.


I don't know of any studies that try to identify the reasons people bail out.


In my estimation inclusivity is predicated suchly:


"Every person’s story matters." -- NaNoWriMo

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"Our guiding belief is that every person’s story matters, and we celebrate the inclusion of all religions, races, genders, sexualities, and countries of origin. We help people find a safe space to be who they are —creators, storytellers, and world changers."

-- National Novel Writing Month

And we add: Drupallers. We are creators, story tellers, world changers via our expertise in Drupal. A stretch? Consider it.

Every person's story matters. We are not people via merit, or via skillset or via technological understandings. We are people in essence. We are diverse. We celebrate the "inclusion of all religions, races, genders, sexualities, and countries of origin". And ages. Let's not forget inclusivity of a range of age groups.

Tracking Work-Life Happiness

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A tiny segment of "Tracking Work-Life Happiness".

Work-life happiness is about wholesome integration of individuals into corporate or community process, and is about the re-imaging of corporate (or community) process to enhance the ability of individuals to deepen their own ongoing workplace contentment.

Work-life happiness is not in essence about fun, about pleasure, about thrills and excitement, about smiling faces - although it can embrace all those possibilities. Work-life happiness is about an ongoing contentment, it is about an ongoing satisfaction of being present in the work environment, it is about harmony of the individual’s inner processes with the corporate processes, it is about a true willingness to bring the entirety of one’s being into the workplace, it is about an integration of individual mind with community mind, it is about a sense of valued purpose, about an alignment of personal intent with the intent of the organisation, it is about congruence of spirit, intellect, and manifestation.

Establishing the conditions for optimal work-life happiness is good governance.

A good first step.

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Google - the thought leader - encouraging mindful, meditative practices in the workplace.

Google invited Thich Nhat Hanh to campus as part of its Optimize Your Life initiative, which seeks to encourage health, happiness, and balance among employees and recognizes that mindful, meditative practices are critical to mental health.