Submitted by Vision Eagle on Sun, 03/04/2016 - 14:14
The Drupalsphere


Value will be attained by promoting further thinking about the economic and human factors that drive the advancement of Drupal technology and Community.


The technology that is Drupal is a major success story. The Drupal technology has advanced amazingly in its 15 years of life. The community that drives the advancement of Drupal is a parallel success story. 


There is much exposure on the web to the technology and community of Drupal. A simple google search will confirm that. There will be always a need for more sites, articles, video, tutorial, event calendars etc etc, that highlight Drupal as technology and as community. The thinking behind, and outworking of, the technology and the community is <a good thing>, and thus will continue to be written about and visually documented and seen and heard and read. 


There is not so much exposure to the meta-thinking around Drupal. Meta-thinking in this case means, thinking about the human and economic processes that drive the advancement of the technology.

More exposure to quality thinking and research in the business and human aspects of the drupalsphere is needed. Increasing that exposure will encourage further thinking and research. Growth in those knowledge realms will add value to 'the Drupal'.



This assertion set needs testing. Is there in fact less documentation available on such aspects as 'Drupal as business', economy, human motivation, human outcomes, sociological, psychological, historical , …, than the Technology, Community and Logistics aspects?

Is there interest in such resources?

Will that interest lead to further uptake of investment in such knowledge?

Will that investment increase value?