Submitted by Vision Eagle on Sat, 27/08/2016 - 09:34
A tiny segment of "Tracking Work-Life Happiness".

Work-life happiness is about wholesome integration of individuals into corporate or community process, and is about the re-imaging of corporate (or community) process to enhance the ability of individuals to deepen their own ongoing workplace contentment.

Work-life happiness is not in essence about fun, about pleasure, about thrills and excitement, about smiling faces - although it can embrace all those possibilities. Work-life happiness is about an ongoing contentment, it is about an ongoing satisfaction of being present in the work environment, it is about harmony of the individual’s inner processes with the corporate processes, it is about a true willingness to bring the entirety of one’s being into the workplace, it is about an integration of individual mind with community mind, it is about a sense of valued purpose, about an alignment of personal intent with the intent of the organisation, it is about congruence of spirit, intellect, and manifestation.

Establishing the conditions for optimal work-life happiness is good governance.

Work-life happiness resides in the individual. It is a wise organisation that accepts its responsibility for creating and maintaining an environment where individuals are supported in their pursuit of work-life happiness. The organisation cannot guarantee happiness of the individual but it can accentuate the conditions that make that possible.

In all this examination of happiness in the workplace, we are progressively working towards "Work-life Happiness" as a trackable, and eventually measurable, corporate KPI.

Such a KPI will takes its place proudly amongst the other bottom-line reportable measures of company or community success.